We are back in studio with a few class favourites such as Mom & Me, Groove, Barre and pop-ups Saturday and Sundays.

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in studio

classes are back!

Classes located at 91 Deep River Rd. in deep riveR


This low impact training class will work your entire body safely and help keep you functionally fit.

9:30 AM for 45 minutes


No In-Studio

Check out our spin class options below


in person classes every week!

Mom & Me

Are you wanting to get some exercise & social time with your baby? This is a specialty session that will run for 8 weeks. All moms welcome with babies (up to toddler stage).

10:45 AM for 45 minutes / 8 week specialty class


Barre Blend

We can finally use the studio barre’s again!! This will be a combo class that will incorporate the barre, some cardio, lots of core work, with some weight work. It is easily modifiable. Come give it a go! 

9:30 AM for 45 minutes



Let's move and groove to the music all while working muscles, balance, and endurance. 

9:30 AM for 45 minutes 

This one is going to be fun as it will be a surprise class that will be announced when opportunity arises! Stay connected to Baila’s FACEBOOK PAGE, as pop up classes will be announced there when they happen ;) 

Saturday + Sunday 

pop-up classes!


If you haven’t tried spin, you definitely need to!! There is a bike waiting for you and our instructors will guide you through the set up and get you ready to ‘roll’ ;)   

Monday - 8:30 Am with Jodie

Tuesday - 6:30 pm with corisa

Wednesday - 6:30 PM with shen

Thursday - 6:30 pm with Shen

FRIDAY - no spin!

SATURDAY - 9:30 Am with kara

the bikes are back!

JOIN US weekly! The best thing about spin classes is that you can go your pace – no race here. 

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