Nutrition Blog

Check out some of our delicious recipes! Each one is created to boost your energy, muscles, and leave you healthily satisfied.

Ensalada Mexicana

Sunshine brings with it some refreshing side salads! This brown rice Mexican inspired dish is filled with fibre, plant based protein, & vitamin C -- so quick and tasty, it brings a little fiesta to your plate!

Berry Oat Bars

Enjoy this all natural treat and at the same time get some good fats, fiber, & antioxidants into you and those you love!

Tomato Chickpea Soup

T'is the season for soup! We can’t deny that a warm & nourishing bowl of soup, if made with the right ingredients, will leave both your taste buds and belly satisfied! Best thing about this one is that it’s super easy to prep. Only 20 minutes and on the table!

It would be wonderful if you could make soup a staple in your weekly meal planning. A bowl is always packed with vitamins, minerals, and is hydrating. Serve a small bowl with your dinner or a bigger bowl accompanied by a salad for lunch! Don’t forget soup freezes beautifully and is so nice to have as a back up to pull out of the freezer on a busy day :)