Clean Eating

Check out some of our delicious recipes! Each one is created to boost your energy, muscles, and leave you healthily satisfied.

Baila Breakfast Cookie

These dense but easy to digest cookies are amazing fuel to power the start of your day. They can also be an excellent pre or post workout treat. Packed with real food and healthy calories, you will want to give them a whirl ;) Easy to freeze, and great as an on the road snack to keep your engine running!

Burrito Bowl

Prep Time: 20 minutes | Bake Time: 25-30 minutes | Total Time: 40-45 minutes Ingredients:  1 cup of brown rice uncooked quinoa 1 head of cauliflower (chopped in florets) 1 tbsp...

Squash & Chickpea Salad

This delicious, easy, and clean recipe can be served cold like a salad, or as a warm side dish ;) Perfect on a holiday table, and just as lovely in your lunchbag!