As we age, maintaining muscle mass is critical.  Groove class will not only help you maintain it, but build it!! A combination of strength training (low weights and high reps), cardio intervals, and toning, this class promises to work your whole body in a fun and lively manner.  Anyone can join no matter age or fitness level. This class goes all year long every Tuesday & Thursday.

Type of activity:  Weights & low impact cardio

Fitness Level:  All

Know before you go:  You need 1 lb or 2 lb weights, water bottle, indoor shoes and comfortable workout gear you can move in.  Come a few minutes early to familiarize yourself with the studio and find a spot.   

What to expect:  Although women of all ages are welcome, the majority are active ladies 50+ yrs of age. We will use free weights (low weights, high reps), mini stability balls, and sliding gliding discs to help work on balance, legs, core, and arm strength.  There is no mat/floorwork.  Always expect a little bit of fun in the cardio segments to raise heart rate to great music!  You will be surprised how much you will feel your muscles the next day. Low impact moves can make you sweat and really work it!