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In-Person Studio Classes are currently cancelled. Please see Online Memberships and Packages.

Barre - Baila Studio, Deep River, Ontario
Length: 1 hr


Develop long, lean muscles, enhance flexibility and improve balance.  Many say that after only five classes you will start seeing changes in your body in strength gained and more toned in those hard-to-target muscles. Learn More

Groove Baila Studio Fitness Classes Deep River
Length: 1 Hour


As we age, maintaining muscle mass is critical.  Groove class will not only help you maintain it, but build it!! Learn More

Baila Circuits Deep River Ontario
Length: 30 Minutes


This class targets strength building and muscular endurance. The best thing about it is that it’s completely up to you. You can set your own pace and go for it.    Learn More

Baila Blitz Deep River, Ontario
Length: 50 Minutes

Total Body Sculpt

Using a combo of free weights, body weight resistance moves, along with some serious ab & glute work, it will definitely be a full body workout. Learn More

Fit Start - Baila Studio Deep River Baila Studio Fitness Centre
Length: 1 Hour


This class is designed for those who are pressed for time and want to get a complete workout done in thirty minutes! It is based on Jillian Michaels Body Shred, but with other moves added to make it a ‘Baila style shred’. You can modify all moves (make it all low impact if you like) and keep stepping it up each week. If your goal is to get fit, stronger, & leaner — this class is definitely for YOU!   Learn More

Pop Pilates
Length: 50 Minutes

Pop Pilates

Low impact, mat-based, core focus Learn More

Baila Blast Fitness Class Deep River Ontario
Length: 30 minutes


Get ready for a full body blast!  With some HIIT, weights, and even an 8 cycle Tabata here and there, this class is a high energy class is made to blast that body fat and kick start the metabolism. Learn More

Baila Kids Fitness for Children in Deep River, Ottawa Valley
Length: Varied

Specialty Classes

Baila Kids / A high energy, non-stop dance class for boys & girls ages 6-10yrs of age.
Bootcamp / This only happens a few times a year so don’t miss out!! For 6 non-stop weeks, we will sweat together at 6 am.
Mom & Me / Bring your baby or toddler to exercise class with you!

  Learn More

Chocolate Avacado Cookies - Baila Studio Fitness

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