Lesley has had a passion for movement and music all of her life.  She participated in sports and recreational activities offered at the school, took piano lessons, jazz, & tap dancing classes all at an early age.  At 21, she moved to latin America where she developed her love for their music and dance. It became such an integral part of her life, that when moving back to Deep River, she started teaching ‘Baila’Fit (Baila means dance in Spanish) so that she could continue to enjoy and share this passion with others.   Her ‘zumba-like’ classes became popular and within 2 years she outgrew the upstairs of the Deep River Legion.  With the support and encouragement of her friend Lee-Anne,  BailaStudio was born in 2009.  Since then, Lesley has never looked back!  Her passion for teaching classes grows with each year of experience.  She loves seeking out new trends in the fitness industry and is always working on getting trained in new areas and new certifications.

She brings her determination and grit with her to every class and uses it to motivate and drive all participants–be it at 6 am or 5:30 pm.   

Lesley loves cooking and encourages her fitfam to eat clean – she is always eager to share her recipes and nutrition tips.

Throughout her 11 year journey, many have joined her at the studio to teach.  This has added an exciting new dimension, creating a team atmosphere and a greater variety of classes!

One thing she is determined is to ensure that her participants (and herself included) never get ‘bored’ —  she switches up her music and moves so that each class is never the same.  This also goes for each season. There is always a new class line up

Her main focus this year is on functional fitness – encouraging people to move more, do more, and get stronger with each class.  Lesley’s ultimate goal is to help people feel better about their overall health.   She will continue to bring fitness to her community and truly loves every minute of what she does. 

When asking Lesley what words she would use to describe her classes she would most likely say high energy, challenging, and welcoming.  She takes great pride in ensuring that all who walk down the studio stairs feel welcome and comfortable. 

If you haven’t tried one of her classes yet, what are you waiting for?

Lesley is a proud sponser of the Deep River Summerfest, the Deep River Triathlon and the Deep River Hospital Foundation Golf Tournament. She also volunteers for Camp Day at Tim Hortons and with Jumpstart Kids. Get in touch with lesley