Lesley has had a passion for movement & music all of her life.  She participated in sports and recreational activities from a young age, took piano lessons, jazz, tap dancing classes & always loved group activities.  At 21, she moved to latin America where she developed her love for their music and dance. It became such an integral part of her life, that when moving back to  her hometown Deep River, Canada, she started teaching ‘Baila’Fit so she could continue to enjoy and share her passion with others. The  ‘zumba-like’ classes became super popular and within 2 years BailaStudio was born.  Since then, Lesley has never looked back!  She went on to train in all areas of fitness and her passion for teaching classes grows with each year of experience. She is continually getting trained in new methods, loves new trends, and works hard to stay on the pulse of the industry to keep you coming back for more!

Lesley brings her determination and grit with her to every class (be it on line or in the studio) and uses it to motivate and drive all participants, of all ages.     

Another true  passion of hers  is cooking and creating new recipes. If you know her well and pop over for a visit, you can be sure to enjoy a meal, snack, or talk food at some point!  She loves to share her recipes and workout nutrition tips with her fitness family and encourages anyone she knows to eat well to stay healthy.   She has even created an  e-recipe book called Simply Clean. 

Throughout her 14 year journey,  she has evolved with the industry and in the past year has gone from teaching in the studio to the online world and is absolutely loving it!! 

One thing she is determined is to ensure that her participants  (herself included) never get ‘bored’ —  she switches up her music and moves so that each class is never the same.  Lesley creates each class with functional fitness in mind – encouraging people to move more, do more, &  get leaner, stronger, while enjoying the journey.  

Lesley’s ultimate goal is to help people feel better about their overall health and boost their confidence.  She will continue to bring fitness to her local & online community,  and will do so loving every minute of it!!  

When asking Lesley what words she would use to describe her classes and programs, she would most likely say high energy, challenging, and most importantly welcoming.  She takes great pride in ensuring that all who join her feel welcome,  comfortable, and of course ready to sweat!  

Don’t hesitate to reach out to her – she loves to connect and ensure that you are feeling supported. Get in touch with lesley